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Sharing Love is Upliƒting ƒor the Spirit & Soul... Taking Stress ƒrom the Body & Mind.... Reƒreshing Your Sences... Be Kind to Yourselƒ... ƒor Wisdom You shall Gain.... ƒallinStar*


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~Words Of Wisdom~
Your Habits Creat Your Destany
Message from Beyond.... But all God's angels come to us disguised..... Because He is love in his essence, God appears before the the sun.And from that sun,heat and light go forth; the heat being love and the light, wisdom, not from themselves but from the Lord. So count your Blessings and perform random acts of kindness and beauty, because you might not pass this way again..........
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I'am Glad You came to visit... I would like to touch a heart along the way.... God Bless... And may You take an Angel on Your shoulder as You explore My site...

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